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•  Why ListSurfing?
•  How do I get traffic to my site?
•  Who benefits most from using List Surfing?
•  Why should I upgrade?
•  What sites are allowed?
•  How do I make money?
•  What are credits for?
•  How do I earn impressions?
•  How do I stay active?
•  Why should I keep surfing even More than required?
•  How do achievements work?

Why ListSurfing?
List Surfing provides you with free high quality advertising! We dare you to compare us with other traffic exchanges - we will come out on top for overall value.

How do I get traffic to my site?
List Surfing will drive unlimited traffic to your site as long as you stay an active member by viewing 50 other member websites within the last 30 days. You can surf more to earn mailing credits to send mail and get even more traffic to your website!

Who benefits most from using List Surfing?
List Surfing connects internet marketers, network marketers, opportunity seekers, and a wide range of online money makers. If your product or service targets any of these areas you will benefit most!

Why should I upgrade?
If you upgrade you can receive up to 5 times more traffic to your site (as an ultimate wave member you can list five sites to get unlimited rotation!). You will also be able to earn more credits while you surf as an upgraded member, and earn higher commissions on sales that you make from referring other members!

What sites are allowed?
We allow mostly any sites. You may also use a rotator url. We do NOT allow framebreakers, hate sites, warez, viruses, adult sites or gambling sites.

How do I make money?
You can earn List Surfing commissions by referring other members to List Surfing, whenever a referred member upgrades you make money! You will not be paid to view other members sites or advertisements.

What are credits for?
In List Surfing credits are used for sending member mailings. One credit will send to one random List Surfing member. You can earn credits by surfing or purchasing them. You will also be given monthly credits if you are an upgraded member.

How do I earn impressions?
You will earn both banner and text impressions for clicking credit links in e-mails you receive from other members. This is another great way to get people viewing what you have to offer!

How do I stay active?
To remain active you must have surfed 50 sites within the last 30 days. This means if you ever go 31 days without surfing 50 pages then your account will go inactive and your site(s) will automatically be pulled out of rotation. At any point you meet the requirement again your account will become active again and your sites will enter unlimited rotation once again. This is great for everyone because it ensures you will get a great amount of traffic to your site each month if you remain active! At the very least you can spend 10 minutes per month to remain active.. Do it because the benefits are huge! For more information on this, please read our blog post

Why should I keep surfing even More than required?
The answer is simple. List Surfing will provide you WAY more value in return for your surfing than you will expect from other regular traffic exchanges. This is because e-mail advertising has historically and will continue to be the highest and most effective form of advertising. As you keep surfing in List Surfing you will keep earning more and more mailing credits, each credit you earn will send to one you will be able to constantly reach fresh and responsive List Surfing members as long as you keep earning credits. This is how it works: you send a mail using some of your available credits, and then those members will receive the mail in their inbox. They will then open the mail and read it. Automatically included in your mail is a "Verification" link for the member to click on, once they click on it a new window will open and in a frame will display the website which you included in that mail ad - Your website will be displayed to them for 20 seconds. Not only are you getting a member READING your ad but you're getting that same member VIEWING your website, you simply can't get that amount of exposure at a regular traffic exchange! Only after the member has viewed your site for 20 seconds they will earn text and banner impressions to display throughout the List Surfing site. Members will want to open your mails in order to both stay active and earn these impressions!

How do achievements work?
The more you use List Surfing and interact with others, the higher your social status within our site.

The achievements are rewarded based on your current and last month activity. You can earn up to 10 achievements for each category, and for both current and last month - making a total of 100 possible achievements.

The categories are Tweeting (for retweeting other users sites while surfing), Surfing (your total viewed pages), Reading (your total viewed mails), Referrals, and Likes Received (how many times YOUR site is liked by others).

Keep active and you can wow others with how many achievements you have!

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