New and not sure where to begin?

by Darren Olander on March 6, 2012 · 3 comments

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Concepts like traffic exchanges aren’t entirely intuitive if you’re new. We know that some new members have never used a traffic exchange before, and particularly one like ours. Like anything new there can be a learning curve.

Now, you’ll find a series of “Getting Started” steps to help walk you through the process. It isn’t sexy, and we realize that but it also isn’t as painful as you may believe. So, we’ve put together a very simple process to properly setup your account and then get active as fast as possible.

When you login to your profile on ListSurfing, you’ll see a “Get Started Now” button on the main page. Click that button to be directed to a series of steps. It is kind of like a “ListSurfing help” guide, or at least a version. And more will be added over time to be as complete as possible.

And of course, if you need ListSurfing help, you can always send in a support ticket.


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  • Lewis Thomas Iyaogeh


    I am new to this system. I signup for the yearly fee of $119
    I am able to get all my bonus

  • Mary Bird

    how do I set up my profile settings

    • Steve M

      Hi Mary its Steve we know each other from Bizopps/Swom ect. Just noticed your post I guess by now you have set your profile up ?

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