Getting Started – Step 1

Let’s Begin

We’re going to walk you through the essential steps to understanding how to set up your List Surfing account and some of the key components to getting traffic and making money!


Let’s begin surfing. “Surfing” is basically just viewing other member’s pages that they are advertising in the system. To do so, click the “Start Surfing” menu item from inside your members area..

You can also go to to begin surfing at anytime.

This will open a page that allows you to browse other websites advertised by ListSurfing members. For every website you view, mailing credits are added to your account.

The first 3 pages you surf for a day are called “Start Pages” which are kind of like featured pages – advertisers have paid to get prime exposure to the surfers, as these are the first pages anyone will see when they begin surfing. When the buttons appear you can click on “Continue Surfing”, and this will happen until the start pages are all shown.

Regular surfing will be a bit different. We allow you to select which site you see next by choosing one of 2 thumbnail images. All you need to do is click on one of the thumbnails. This is the heart of “surfing” at ListSurfing.

Your first month at List Surfing you will want to surf a minimum of 50 pages. This will mark your account as “active” for a full month from today, and give the sites you have in the system Free (no credits spent), Unlimited (really!) traffic.

As a free member you can have 5 sites listed in your account, but only one will rotate, so if you need to change your sites you can add sites and delete others… or simply move one to on hold and then another to rotating in order to change which one you have showing in our system. If you upgrade, though, you get 3 or 5 times the amount of traffic! Pro members get to rotate 3 sites, and Ultimate Wave members get to rotate 5 at the same time. Every site in the system is getting the same amount of traffic, so if you list the same site 3 times, you are getting 3 times the traffic than you would with just having it rotating in one slot.

As you surf you will be earning mailing credits, later in this training I will explain how to put those to use to get more traffic from List Surfing.

For now, surf 50 pages (at least) and then click below to continue to Step 2 in our guide.

>>> Click Here To Continue To Step 2 <<<

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