Getting Started – Step 3


Why Spending More Time Is EXTREMELY Rewarding

While some people will surf the 50 pages each month to get active and then do nothing more… there are actually really big benefits to sticking around and doing more here at List Surfing!

As you continue to surf past the 50 pages, you will continue to earn mailing credits which you can use to send email ads, which are very generous, and you will also earn bonus credits for various milestones and drawings.

Here are some guaranteed rewards that we will give you daily for your surfing milestones:

Surf 250 pages in one day = 100 bonus credits.
Surf 550 pages in one day = 250 bonus credits.
Surf 750 pages in one day = 400 bonus credits.
Surf 1000 pages in one day = 550 bonus credits.
Surf 1300 pages in one day = 800 bonus credits.
Surf 1700 pages in one day = 1300 bonus credits.
Surf 2000 pages in one day = 1600 bonus credits.

We also have a daily, random drawing for those who surfed over 100 pages in a day.

For each 100 pages surfed you will get an entry in to the daily surf drawing, the system automatically picks winning entry(s) from the drawing and awards user(s) a random prize of credits between 500-1000 credits! Your tickets are valid for one drawing and then are voided. The more you surf the higher chance of winning! Members are surprised by how many bonus credits they can win this way.

You also earn advertising by reading email ads

Since we want to encourage members to also read email ads, the rewards for reading those are great too. You will earn a combination of banner impressions, text impressions, and mailing credits. The banner and text impressions open up even more ways of advertising on List Surfing. Once you have some banner impressions on your account go to Ads > My Banners to set up your banner ad. The size of the banner image must be 468×60. In the same way, once you have Text impressions, go to Ads > My Text Links to set up a text ad. This is a short 26 character text ad that once clicked will send the person to your website. Feel free to explore the buy menu for other ways to get even more exposure!

With that said, let’s continue to the next step so we can set up your profile to help you maximize your results, click the link below.

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  • Razmik

    Show me an example of hyperlink (text or image) please as I can’t figure it out.Thanks

    • Mark Et Alex

      hi Razmik,

      Here is a example for a hyperlink in your profile :

      *( Free Training)*
      sorry it is automatic a link for the full code I’ve past the link on facebook for you.

      and for a text image in your profile :

      You must replace the link into one of yours but that part you know.

      I hope it working now and copy past the link in your browser and get a ton of referrals come to you.

    • mr13

      place your destination in the your name here area this will change a line of text to a clickable link ( ?)

  • Mark Et Alex

    Hi Razmik, This page make a link and now you have nothing. I’ve the full example on this one: =>

  • Dang

    I was the sound engineer and this work is
    equally interesting to me

  • hondahoney

    Hi everyone, I am a technologically challenged senior citizen new to this stuff. Any help or advice would be most appreciated. Thanks

    • mr13

      dont fall for easy money advertisements as you already know if its to good to be true it is not true i make some what of a income off e bay selling and my shopifi stores it has a little investment and you have to advertise heavily but you can make income from this type of stuff honestly m.l.m.s are mostly a joke the top 5% make it the rest dont look to a real product and real working websites that sell like e bay ect for a little start up cost its really not to bad any other job you have to show up every day and actually do some work if you want to get any where .. ps i am also retired from work due to disability and this is now how i make extra cash…. a living NO .. but any thing helps the ssd check . i live on now dont get discouraged but do find something your already good of have experence at.. to do on line and stick with it

      • mrpoohead

        Ha, ha, ha! And Trump promised you what? A wall, ban, repeal and mass deportations, plus an investigation into Clinton. What’s he produced? Nothing. Seems you should follow you own advice! Priceless!

  • Demi2nd M

    Every time I try to enter a banner it says invalid. I even copied the image to my site so how do I add a banner?

    • Demi2nd M

      Never mind. You need to put say that http MUST be used even if the site is https