2.0 – Thumbnail, Social Branding, List Building, and still No Surf Ratio

by Darren Olander on July 21, 2011 · 3 comments

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First off, welcome to the ListSurfing blog. This is a new element we’ve decided to add as part of the total package of ListSurfing. Not only will you find us posting news but also training, stuff going on in this industry and announcing contest details. Certainly feel free to subscribe to our feed for quick notifications for new posts.

Original ListSurfing DesignNow that you’re reading this there’s a good chance you landed here after we made a major switch from the original ListSurfing to, what some are calling, “ListSurfing 2.0″. You may be familiar with how it looked but in case you aren’t, that’s it to the right. After a couple years of being in operation we can proudly say our steady membership base has been great to us, and we thank you for being a valued member. Around October of 2010 we discussed revamping the traffic exchange experience entirely; totally re-designing the layout, changing the surf experience, adding many social elements, and improving the user interface across the board.

Before we get into some of those changes, we do need to give credit to a few individuals & websites that were inspirations to some of our changes. These include Sweeva.com, Thumbvu.com, and ClickTrackProfit.com as well as John Guanzon and the guys at TimTech.

Needless to say, we’ve gone through a 360 degree overhaul. What are some of the changes? We’re glad you asked.

  • Thumbnail surfing – no more clicking the “matching image” to surf. Instead, click a website thumbnail preview.
  • Mail Ad repository – View your saved ads, resend/edit/delete a saved ad, and check stats
  • Live Surf Chat and Site Comments
  • Top Badges – Be listed as a featured spot in one of six areas, and receive a badge for that spot
  • Public profiles and social connection

What we didn’t change:

  • No surf-ratio still exists! Get unlimited views as long as you remain “active”
  • Ability to remain “always active” with a simple, low cost upgrade
  • “Active” requirement – Still only need to surf a low 50 websites and view 5 mail ads to be “active”

Our dedication to giving you the best experience and value is part of why we’ve put so much into ListSurfing. Without our members (that’s you!) having a great experience, we aren’t succeeding. We love hearing from members having good results, enjoying using ListSurfing and receiving feedback or suggestions!

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  • http://www.breakfreetraffic.com/residual.php Mark Hodgetts

    These are awesome developments for what has always been an innovative concept.  List surfing is fast becoming my preferred TE to recommend and the list mailer has always been super responsive .  I can’t wait for the release of tehse added features

  • johnda

    ditto mark’s comments and i’d just like to say that the ONLY new feature i totaly disagree with is the live surf chat….i hope we will be able to turn it off as when i go to work my business, i’m surfing for credits and not to chat. it’s distracting and time-consuming. i feel chatting should be left to social communities and/or the telephone/skype or whatever other means of communication are available, but, never while i’m working and collecting credits. just my opinion, guys, although a very heart-felt one at that. thanks for everything!


    • Anonymous

      The chat area is not obtrusive. While we (currently) don’t have a way to turn it “off”, you can simple keep the “Comments” tab open instead of the “Chat” tab.

      Though, there IS the ability to hide the entire column (to the left of the surf area) by minimizing it.

      The nice thing about a chat is the ability to network at the same time as surfing. There’s no requirement to participate but we do encourage you to be social – heck, that’s a BIG piece of what makes up “ListSurfing 2.0″! Thank you for your feedback, Johnda!

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