Annoying or inappropriate post? Flag it

With the help of you, our members, we can keep the user experience positive across the site. Yes, we know perfection is an impossibility but with your help, we can certainly get close.

One great feature we provide to you is the ability to leave profile comments, website comments and participate in our live chat while actively surfing. These areas offer the opportunity for abuse through inappropriate language and sharing of content that is not allowed, such as adult material and web URLs/links.

So, we added a simple ‘Flag’ function that will show up next to each post. You’ll see to the right of each post a small icon which looks like a flag. Clicking this will ask you if you wish to ‘Flag’ the post. When you do so, we’ll see that there is a post in question and take action if necessary.

So what constitutes the need to ‘Flag’ a post? Honestly, use your best judgement. If you fine someone posting about adult content, links, constantly posting the same thing over and over again which appears to be spam, feel free to ‘flag’ it….or them if multiple posts exist. And no, you will not be suspended for accidentally flagging a good post.

Help us keep the site clean and we’ll appreciate it, so will our members.

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