Get rewarded for your activity – “Reward Codes” are activated

We’ve continually been hard at work improving features, updating functionality to fix bugs and of course bringing new features live to improve the overall experience & value of ListSurfing. Today we have exciting news to share about a new addition giving value back to you, our members, for actively using the ListSurfing marketing tool/platform.

Simply put, we’ve called the new addition “Reward Codes”. It’s a relatively simple concept but opens opportunities for you as a member AND as an affiliate. While we’re still adding more functionality, the first phase provides a starting point. Each code offers 1 of 4 rewards: Login Ad Credits, Banner Impressions, Text Impressions, or Mailing Credits.

Get rewarded for your activity - "Reward Codes" are activatedFor example, the below code will give you 25 Mailing Credits after you’ve surfed 15 pages. While there is no expiration (time limit) or limited number of activations for this code, future reward codes may have limitations. To activate the code below, login to your account and navigate to “Earn” > “Reward Codes”. There you will see the activation field. Add the code there and click “Activate”!

Reward Code: AP7MN54

Keep in mind, you’ll only be able to activate a code one time. But, you can bet to see codes floating around the web in the near future – we’re just getting this started so there’s much more to come!

Also, would you like to offer a reward code for your subscribers, website members, referrals, or maybe even those who purchase your product? You’re in luck. We are offering an opportunity for you to own a reward code (or multiple) to give away however you’d like, but you’ll need to contact us directly. We are only offering this on a case-by-case basis right now as this is entirely new to ListSurfing. Help us begin utilizing reward codes!

Update Nov. 8th: We’ve released the second phase of reward code development, and it’s a big update you don’t want to miss.

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