Surfing Images: More frequent, More opportunity

Have you surfed at all today? You may have noticed a small but valuable change we’ve made in the surf area. Normally you would see the “Anti-Cheat” image appear on every screen while surfing. While our goal was to help protect against cheaters, we feel as though a change was due to be a little bit more friendly to you, our honest members.

So, what did we do? The short answer is we’ve increased the opportunity to grab more of the traffic from surfing members.

Instead of showing the “Anti-Cheat” image on every instance/page, you will only see it every 5 pages. This means 4 out of 5 times, you will have 3 images to choose from as the next site to view. As a member, this is also good news because you have more chances of getting your site clicked on than you did since August 4th.

On one hand you may look at it as you have 33% chance of getting clicked instead of 50%, but on the other hand the number of times your site(s) will be shown in the surf area will increase. For those who have an image which stands out…this is great news for you!

The conclusion: Make sure your static image (which you can check in your profile for each site in rotation) is eye-catching and appealing. It’s imperative to be different, to stand above the rest. More eyeballs could mean more traffic.

And on a different note, if you haven’t ordered your own Reward Codes yet it may be a cool asset to add to your collection. We’ve had the first couple owners pretty happy with the process, and how flexible the codes are! They offer great incentives to bringing in new referrals, sales, and opt-in forms…plus many others. Members can earn bonus Banner Impression Credits, Text Ad Credits, Login Ad Credits or Mailing Credits, depending on the reward. And, you can be a Reward Code Owner with unique codes specifically to use however you wish!

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