New Thumbnail solution – Say goodbye to blank, white thumbs/images

Today is Thanksgiving and, despite being a Holiday, we’ve worked to share with you some good news for the week!

Since we relaunched in August, we’ve been dealing with a somewhat infamous problem: the white, blank thumbnail. You see this far more often than we ever thought would be the case, and unfortunately it has been an on-going issue. We realize that having proper thumbs/shots for your website you are advertising is very important as we rely on those images for surfing. And as a member, you rely on those images to get other surfers to view your site!

Tired of seeing these nearly infamous blank screens on ListSurfing, while surfing? Yea, so are we.

…and with that, we DO have good news.

Say Goodbye to blank thumbs/images as of today!

That’s right, we’ve now integrated a much more flexible solution to provide you with a better experience and help you see better results in your advertising on ListSurfing. For many members this means you’ll actually have a real thumbnail/image appear…imagine that!

Let us outline a few of the key improvements you’ll experience:

  • Thumbnails/Images are generated MUCH faster
  • Flash elements on your website will be captured, unlike before
  • Redirects or tracking links will not interfere – we added a 3 second delay before the thumbnail is captured
  • Higher quality – no more fuzzy, grainy image
  • New Thumb/Image request – You can manually request a new thumbnail capture with the click of a mouse

When you see the image at the right, with the “Thumbnail Processing…” text (green background)…that’s a good sign. This should happen automatically whether you already have a rotating site or are adding a new one. If not, all you need to do us click the “Get New Image” link and let the magic happen. Any other screen will be in a red background, and will tell you what the issue is such as “Adult Content”. And yes, that material is not allowed on ListSurfing.

If you experience problems, or see blank images/thumbs, PLEASE send in a support ticket. While we are pretty confident this will be an a much better overall experience, problems do arise sometimes, even beyond our control…that’s part of why we are always trying to improve our services and platform!

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