Case Sensitive Passwords, Log-in

Having a strong password, as described in an earlier post, can save you from a long list of problems such as losing commissions, having your skype account hijacked and losing access to your email account. Yes, all three examples have happened to countless people unfortunately.

One fault of creating a password is using all lowercase characters. The difference of ‘password’ versus ‘paSSwoRd’ can actually make a big difference. But, refer to the earlier post to understand how to create a strong, unique password.

ListSurfing allows you to use passwords including uppercase, and we strongly encourage doing so. Though, we came to find out there was a slight issue in our code. If you have a password using uppercase letters, you’ll be required to reset your password. Unfortunately a small mistake in our code didn’t store passwords properly with the result being that anyone who had a password such as ‘paSSwoRd’ will need to reset it. We could have left it as is but it meant possible problems down the road and leaving our site and YOUR accounts less secure – we want to protect your account as much as possible.

If you’re unable to login simply click the ‘Forgot Password’ link at the top of the page to reset. Once you reset, you can change your password to whatever you want. We apologize for this inconvenience. Doing this will assure everyone has the password stored as intended and anytime you need to enter your password on ListSurfing, it will verify properly. Members have had trouble in the past due to this issue – finally we can mark it off as solved.

And if course if you need help simply send in a support ticket!

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