New Squeeze Pages that will Knock Your Socks Off

We love it when a plan comes together to help you bring in new members, referrals and growth. When you launch a new website for the public to use sometimes there are important components to it which are either forgotten or pushed off until later. We realize our splash page, while not even branded to the “ListSurfing 2.0” feel, lacks grabbing attention of your visitors. And so we’ve [finally] published a kick-butt squeeze page series for your use. We certainly hope you like them.

Currently there is a total of 4 squeeze pages. While we plan to add a couple more additional benefits soon, we wanted to get these 4 options live for your immediate use. There are 2 designs, one catering to people who are looking for quality traffic (such as surfers in traffic exchanges) and one to those who are interested in email advertising. Since ListSurfing offers the best of both worlds, it’s a win-win!

Both designs offer a couple cool features:

1: There is a version with and without your name & photo, automatically integrated. You don’t have to do any extra work to set this up.

2: A simply three-field sign-up form which will only require the essential details for a new member to sign up.

3: An incentive to join is a special ‘Reward Code’ which will offer a reward based on the activity mentioned on the squeeze page, such as reading 100 mails to receive 100 login ad credits.

4: You can easily track your results using Smart-url for tracking. If you don’t track your advertising, you absolutely should.

How do you access these pages? Simple. Login to your ListSurfing account and navigate to ‘Earn’ > ‘Affiliate Tools’ (Affiliate Tools page). The two sections to pay attention to are “Your Squeeze Page referring URLs:” and “Your Personalized Squeeze Page referring URLs:”. To see what your squeeze page looks like simply click the “View” link to the right of the URLs.

Most importantly, don’t use your Personalized Squeeze page if you don’t have a photo added to your profile. To add a photo go to ‘Account’ > ‘Account Settings’ to enter a Gravatar email address.

What’s to come?

A couple months ago we introduced our Reward Code Owner feature. This is where you can “Own” reward codes, giving them out as you wish. While it has slowly been adopted there is a lot of potential on how these codes can help grow your referrals, to say the least. Remember, these codes actually GIVE you something you can use whether it be login ad credits, banner impressions, mailing credits, or something else. And, it’s all based on activity you’re already doing.

In the near future you’ll be able to add a code to squeeze pages which YOU own. It might be a code like GK48F3MT (Hint: Activate that code!) displayed directly on the squeeze page. It may vary on exactly how we implement this but you probably get the picture.

Oh, and please let us know what you think in the comments below! Feedback is a major component to knowing we’re doing the right thing, making smart decisions. After all, it’s YOU who matters to us.

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