Why a “Start Page”?

There are elements you see quite common among traffic exchanges. Beyond the obvious “surfing”, credits, timers, and banner ads, there is another feature that many leading traffic exchange offer; Start Pages.

What’s a “Start Page”? Simple. It is one of the first (typically 1st, 2nd, or 3rd) pages you see when you begin surfing at a traffic exchange. Members are offered the option to guarantee their site is seen as one of the first sites of surfers for that day or week. It’s an opportunity to get a high-level of exposure when you need it most.

Start Pages are typically a service you pay for since it is a special treatment beyond your normal traffic exchange marketing. But, have no fear, it’s not super pricey and there are typically some options. At some traffic exchanges you pay for individual days while at others you get an entire week.

History has proven that multiple exposures are required before someone takes action, so a start page that appears 7 days in a row has a much better chance of catching an action taker than a start page that is only shown for a day. At ListSurfing we show your start page for an entire week – that’s once each day to surfers.

We’ve seen where people will use start pages and garner dozens of signups with their squeeze pages. Don’t just think you can put any website in to a start page campaign and expect those results, you’ll need to test what works the best. Is it a video squeeze page? A static image page? A catchy headline? Test and track your results!

Just like your normal marketing efforts, it is essential that you track your results. Whether you utilize tracking software like Smart-url or use unique capture forms for each advertising campaign, you need to be sure you’re checking what platforms actually are worth the time and money.

If you’ve never tried a start page, we encourage you to use them. In fact, you should use them at multiple traffic exchanges to find out where you get the best results. Login to your account at check our available start page slots.

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