Are people really bookmarking sites?

A seemingly insignificant function on ListSurfing and many other traffic exchanges is the ability to “bookmark” sites as you surf. Bookmarking allows you to save a site that you visit while surfing so that later on, whenever you wish, you can revisit that site. Sometimes you may see a product that interests you or a cool video that you want to show people later that day – click bookmark and check back later!

We were looking at our bookmark functionality and were curious if it has really been used by members other than just a handful of times. Well, it turns out there have been more bookmarked sites than we would have guessed…a whole lot more than a handful too.

Currently there have been 1209 times that sites were bookmarked since August 2011. You can do the math yourself – that’s about 151 bookmarks per month.

But you’re thinking “…so what? I like to save sites to check later.” but that’s exactly it! The best type of visitor is someone who comes BACK, not just a one-time short visit. Of course, it also helps when that visitor shares your site with other people.

This is another reason why you should be sure to keep your account in “active” status. Remember, it only takes surfing 50 sites and reading 5 mail messages to be active for 30 days.


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