Feature: Bookmark the sites you want to revisit

As you see on a couple other traffic exchanges such as Sweeva where you can ‘bookmark’ a site as you surf, we thought it would be a great addition to add on ListSurfing. Too many times while surfing you may land on a website that you’d like to check out further but you may not have the time at that very moment. So, what better way than to save it for later? Now you can.

At the bottom of the surf window, where you share and like/dislike a page, you’ll see “Bookmark”. Simple click on this link when you want to bookmark a site and you’ll be able to revisit the page at a later time from your account.

Bottom Surf Bar

So where do you find these bookmarked sites? Simple. When logged in to ListSurfing, go to the “Account” menu, and then you’ll see “Bookmarked Sites”. Of course you can delete the sites from this area at any time by checking off the box to the right of the URL, then clicking “Delete”.


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