Want Quality over Quantity? Let’s look at the Statistics

There are many traffic exchanges varying in slightly different ways; timer lengths, credit bonuses, surfing ratios, etc.. How do you know which, of the many, are worth your time investment? Honestly, that’s a question we can’t really answer as you won’t always have the same results as everyone else at the same traffic exchange. But what we can tell you is how the statistics don’t lie.

One of the key factors to value (in our opinion) is how many unique surfers you have at a traffic exchange related to how many total hits are received. So how can we possibly look at the stats? Simple; Affiliate Funnel rank report. Below is a screen shot of one of the weekly reports (based on more than just votes) which are calculated every friday, automatically. This report is readily available to anyone but we’ve left out all the other traffic exchange names as that doesn’t really matter.

Affiliate Funnel Rank Stats

In this chart, ListSurfing is at the bottom of the list. Position has nothing to do with what we’re going to explain, so leave that out of the equation.

As you’ll notice, the “Surfers Votes” for ListSurfing (at 8.14) is among the highest out of the list. At least we know our members definitely love the site! What you want to pay attention to is “Hits” and “Unique Surfers”. At ListSurfing we only require you to surf 50 sites every 30 days as part of the “Active” requirement. With that it would be no surprise that our surfing hits are going to be lower than other traffic exchange where hits are higher as people surf hundreds of sites a day to earn credits in order to keep their sites being seen. And that’s exactly where value is important.

Would you rather receive multiple hits from the same surfer or mostly unique hits? We believe the latter, and here’s what we mean. As your site receives hundreds of hits on most traffic exchanges it is highly likely to be from many of the same surfers, but on ListSurfing your site hits are more likely to be from unique surfers.

Let’s do a little math:   as the report shows a 7-day period, out of the 115,539 hits to active sites in ListSurfing by 8,552 unique surfers, that means each surfer saw your site about 13-14 times on average.  So, let’s look at some of the others…

1,215,026 hits from 15,214 surfers = 79 – 80 Average Hits per Surfer

786,066 hits from 13,081 surfers = 60 – 61 Average Hits per Surfer

438,434 hits from 13,325 surfers = 32 – 33 Average Hits per Surfer

348,537 hits from 10,450 surfers = 33 – 34 Average Hits per Surfer

As you can see, ListSurfing delivers more unique hits, on Average, but at least double the above examples. Of course, for smaller TE’s that receive far less than 100k hits each week, the ratio is technically better than what ListSurfing provides, but there is also another view that getting not enough hits is also not as valuable.

We certainly don’t think just being a part of ListSurfing is a good idea. Diversification and being present in many advertising locations is certainly a smart choice, but make sure to keep ListSurfing as part of your arsenal. More unique hits means more new eyes!

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