Saying less is more – get better results with a shorter message

Email advertising is still a powerful way to capture the attention of prospects, leads, customers and readers. In fact, you probably check your email at least 5 days out of the week, and in many cases, more than once per day, right?

You've got email!A lot of weight has been shifted to building relationships through social networks and in hindsight less focus through blasting out email ads to lists of people. But, let’s not forget that email marketing is a vital part of the overall picture to your marketing. You can reach a following with effective messages but you have to keep in mind that people get a lot of email and thus yours may just get lost in the mix.

When sending out email/mail ads through ListSurfing there are a few tips to getting better results. While we can’t guarantee specific improvement in every case from sending out one message, we know that if you put a little effort into your messaging the results can follow.

First, it’s not always about how much you say but what you say. Spilling all the beans in your message would not only create a lengthy email (especially for this industry) but you may say more to turn people away than attract them. Instead, focus on being selective while creating a level of curiosity. You want someone to read your message and think “Hmm, I need to see what this is all about” causing them to view the website you’re advertising. For instance, don’t dive into detailing a compensation plan in an email – most people won’t read all the details anyway unless they ask for it specifically.

Second is keeping your subject line both on point yet intriguing enough to get someone to open the message. While some big marketers have been using subject lines such as “Open this” and “Need your help”, you have to keep in mind that on ListSurfing members receive many email ads every day – you need to stand out a little more. However, a subject line such as “Join this program for free and earn money tomorrow doing no work” smells like a waste of time. But hey, some people may jump at that.

Third, remember that you not only want someone to open and read your message but to view your website – that’s the selling tool of the whole process. Since we require someone to view the website for about 20 seconds, you have ample time to capture their attention. At that point, converting them to a lead/customer is up to you.

Last tip is to make sure you’re using a tracking tool in your advertising. If you include your URL in the email message, without a tracking URL, you will not have a clear picture on who visited your website. And, without tracking the results, you’ll never know if you had a good conversion, if you had an effective message, or if the results measure up to your expectation. Again, track, track and track!

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