Show off your profile and achievements, and still get referrals!

There’s always something else to add to a growing website whether it is a bug fix, a better solution to a specific feature, additional value-added features, or even server tweaks to better handle website performance.

A recent addition to ListSurfing is a somewhat hidden element that you may never know about unless you see a profile of a ListSurfing member while not logged-in to the website.

Public Profile with Join and More Info buttonsIt’s pretty simple: Log-out of your account and head over to your profile page, which would look something like (replace mattkoshko with YOUR user-name). When you’re on that page you’ll notice below your achievements a ‘Join Free’ & ‘More Info’ button. Before today they were non-existent so there wasn’t a quick call-to-action for a visitor to join ListSurfing.

But, to add to that, we took it a step further. If a visitor clicks the ‘Join Free’ button it will be connected to your referral account automatically. Go ahead, try it out!

This also means that you can advertise your profile using an affiliate link – it would look something like the following, simply replace 4 with your ID number:

Do you think this is useful? Or, do you have other suggestions? We’re always open to ideas anyway.

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